Envision yourself  as someone who God can count on to pray.

Your prayers may save the lives of people that you don’t even know.  Your prayers may cause someone to be healed.  Your prayers may change what you think is impossible.

You are on a freeway and you run out of gas.  What should you do?  Pray and ask for help…then listen.

You know there is no way that any person can be a successful prayer warrior without understanding the importance of giving Thanks!  No way!

The Importance Of Giving Thanks and How This small thing can affect your prayers…

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.  Psalm 100: 4

A prayer warrior has to know this because knowing this is like having a key that unlocks a powerful door.

Versions of the word prayer in the bible are as follows: In the King James Version:
prayer 114x, pray 313x, prayed 65x, praying 20x =512x.


Versions of the word  Thanks

In the King James version

  • The word thanks appears 73 times
  • The word thanksgiving appears 28 times
  • The word thank appears 27 times
  • The word thanked appears 3 times
  • The word thankful appears 3 times
  • The word thanksgivings appears 2 times
  • The word thankfulness appears 1 time
  • The word thanking appears 1 time
  • The word thankworthy appears 1 time
  • and

In the King James version

  • The phrase give thanks is mentioned 34 times
  • The phrase gave thanks is mentioned 11 times

Thanks = 184

If these figures are correct *  (Wiki-Answers) the ratio of thanks to prayers is between 25 and 30 %.

What Is Prayer: It is simply an honorable, reverent petition to God.  Prayer can be just spending time with God.  We do not have to ask for anything, He already knows the problem.  It’s your choice, your walk.  Sometimes it can be a petition of worship, or thanksgiving or praise and sometimes in involves a discussion.  God has the Wisdom, we do not so we seek it from God.  We are asking Him to guide our course, protect us, to intervene in our behalf.   But Prayer Warriors pray for others.  That is what we do.  I’ve noted that my problems have been minimized, quickly resolved and that they come and go with a quickness.  They are no longer my concern.

Why I Pray:

When I started praying, I prayed because I was desperate and curious seeking God.  I really didn’t know that I would “hear” from God and when I did; I was hooked! I felt like such a jerk, all those years I had prayed, I had never stuck around to hear if God had anything to say to little ol me.  I was humbled and amazed when I found out that He did.

I pray now because I love God so much and I want to serve Him.  I pray because I have peace in His presence and I feel secure in His presence.  I am excited to be with Him and to hear what He wants me to do.  I am thankful that He is ever so patient with me that even when I do not regard the small things as priorities that He loves me enough to push me, remind me, prod me  to get them done despite the distractions that occur.

I pray because God’s plan is my priority and to understand His plan I must get before Him.  I pray because I am filled with God’s sweetness and I am driven to want more of Him and to do His will.  Praying allows me to serve God and to help people.   I have been called to hold the hedge with many others and it is an honor to be chosen.  I pray because prayer is the answer to that which we do not know.

It is always vital to forgive anyone before praying.

Praying in the Spirit allows me to pray out God’s perfect will.  I have just begun to receive the interpretation  of my prayer language and it is Blessed.  Praying the Word of God allows me to deeply acquaint myself with the will of God.

I pray for the world’s leaders, for peace, for Jerusalem, against the enemy of the brethren, for others and their needs.  I get great joy in being a part of God’s plan to break the enemy’s back and I recognize warfare.

For years I used to watch with a small level of cynicism people giving thanks.  Some I categorized as just really holy people and some I thought were being melodramatic.    I now doubt that either was the case.  For the very people who I had my eye on have been doing this consistently for years without fail and they have been Blessed.  It is not something that you just try like a formula; it is something that has to come from your heart; it has to be genuine or it will won’t work.  It won’t work because if it is not from your heart you will stop doing it.


People who are called to prayer with and for other people; will also find themselves in a position of ministry.  In ministering to others it is essential that you explain to people the importance of giving Thanks.  It is a position of faith!

References :

Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting by Derek Prince

Prayers That Avail Much by Germaine Copeland

Prayers That Rout Demons by Jon Eckhardt

The Power Of Simple Prayer:  How To Talk To God About Everything by Joyce Meyer

Scripture Keys by June Newman-Davis

The Blessing of Favor by Kate McVeigh

Exercises:  Begin to compile a Prayer Library

Compile a list of every scripture on Prayer that you can find

Pray and ask God to show you if you are called to prayer

Write a Thank you List to God; be sure to include your current prayer requests as though they have already manifested

Explain why you feel a prayer life will benefit you.

Challenge:  Write a prayer for yourself and one other person.

Prayer Warrior 101 (Session One) Here

Prayer Warrior 101 ( Session Three) Here


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