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Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, gladden yourselves in Him], again I say Rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4, Amp. Bible)


COMMENT***: A couple of years ago I had to go to the DMV to get new tags for my car. Those of you who live in Virginia know what kind of an ordeal that can be. The office opened at 8 a.m. so I decided to be an “early bird” and arrive at that hour. NOT!!! When I pulled into the parking lot it was full and so was the office with a line of people outside. There was also a sign posted stating that it would probably take 2 hours before I would be waited on. I am so glad that I had recently heard a teaching by Joyce Meyer about enjoying your life no matter what the circumstances are. Fortunately, I had brought along some reading material, my Walkman and a real determination to enjoy the 2 hour stint. I closed my eyes and silently prayed in tongues; later I read my bible and listened to some praise and worship tapes. God has given us all things to enjoy (1 Tim. 6:17), even a two hour wait at the DMV.

***I am sure you have noticed that many of these messages deal with things that have happened in my life. I firmly believe that Christianity is not just a “Sunday go to meeting thing”. I’m convinced that it should prevail in every aspect of our lives. You agree? 

NEWS FLASH: I just heard on the radio that the computers at the DMV’s in Virginia are down and new licenses cannot be processed until the end of the week!!!!! (After all these years, the DMV is still a “fun place”. )

SCRIPTURE STUDY: Psalm 5:11, John 10:10 and 1 Timothy 6:17


Sincerely Yours, Gene McGuire   
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