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AAWHATIFQUOTEHold the hate mail.  Keep your good hat  on your head.  Count to ten.  I feel the same as you…basically.  I believe in being Thankful.  I also am not ashamed to publicly say who I am Thankful to! I am Thankful to God!

Thanksgiving has been compromised! It’s being hijacked by Silly Stores who want to make sales…and nobody saw it coming.Is it a Holy Day to you?   Or me?    Or should it be?

SO HERE IS WHY I  AM PROPOSING A REBELLION?????Actually I am proposing a Thanksgiving “RETHINKING”of the way that we do this such as how long, why and how.

Because 1 Day is not enough time even officially as it may to gather the family together and thank God.  Serious Dude?  We take a day to thank the secretaries and yes, they are great.     Moms, Christopher Columbus who accidentally discovered land that had already been discovered.  (nice move)   Fathers and presidents …and I am  a Patriot who loves my country. A lot of people that get a Holiday deserve it…but one day for Thanking God?  I can’t get with that one.  Not enough in my book.    And yes, I Thank Him regularly and that’s still not enough when I think about what He does, has done and will do for me…I’m just smothered with o.